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Spring 2008

2008 National Conference on Aging

From the moment I arrived at the NCOS/ASA Conference in Washington D.C., I was overwhelmed by the quality, depth and relevancy of speaker sessions, presentations and discussion groups available to the over 4000 attendees. Visitors and presenters were made up of a distinguished and passionate array of public policy makers, professors, geriatric care providers, international diplomats, clergy, AARP representatives, hospital and social workers, etc. - all equally dedicated to meeting the needs of Aging Americans, improving the present and future quality of life of the elderly, and furthering their own educational needs regarding critical and relevant issues. The four objectives of the conference: to open a dialogue about what’s happening, what’s important, what works and how can we do it? – were met ten-fold.

My own presentation at the conference, ‘How to Plan, Finance and Pay for the High Cost of Elder Care,’ was well received. The emphasis of my lecture was to increase awareness of the financial considerations and options that need to be incorporated into the Elder Care decision making process. I was eager to address the potentially devastating impact of using a ‘Band-aid’ financial approach. In addition, I wanted to emphasize the necessity of pre-planning for Long Term Care. Having over 30 years of experience in the field, I also wanted to stress the importance of using a financial planner well versed in addressing the issues and variables unique to individual situations.

I feel there is no better time to launch the FOR RETIRED ONLY™ newsletter than with a lead article highlighting a few of the most insightful seminars I attended. The breadth and diversity of knowledge available was truly awe-inspiring.

  • Protecting Older Adults from Financial Crisis
  • Redefining Income Inadequacy
  • Can We Afford our Parents Retirement?
  • Understanding Booms: Making Housing Decisions for Parents
  • When the Unthinkable Happens
  • The Care Giving Crisis in America
  • Long Term Care – It’s a Woman’s Thing
  • Housing and Aging in Place
  • Making Long Term Care Giving a National Priority