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FOR RETIRED ONLY™ is deeply committed to offering, through education and guidance, a diverse spectrum of financial services for those presently anticipating retirement and in all phases of retirement.Our goal at FOR RETIRED ONLY™ is to help enable our clients to make informed and cost efficient, financial, and life planning decisions. We take into account all individual risks, needs, and desired benefits.

The role of a Certified Financial Planner™ is to continuously research, evaluate, provide and suggest the appropriate investment choices and alternative to achieve lifetime and legacy objectives. Our mission is to personally customize a plan of action to facilitate our client’s wishes. The result is long lasting relationships between client’s and FOR RETIRED ONLY™, based on caring, honest, communication and maximum integrity.

Financial Planning Philosophy

FOR RETIRED ONLY™ uses a predominantly [ * ] fee based approach to Financial Planning. We form an alliance with our client’s giving advice, as we would advise ourselves taking into consideration our client’s resources, values, and objectives. The aim of the firm is to work with the client to develop a plan of action, then implement, monitor and adjust financial investment strategies as needed. We help client satisfy their needs, address present and future concerns, personal objectives, maximizing returns in a manner they find workable and within their comfort zone.

* [Adviser discloses, if there is third party compensation.]