After we’ve developed the Financial Plan and associated portfolio, we offer our clients direction on where and how to proceed. Our job at FOR RETIRED ONLY™ is not only to help structure and implement the plan, but assist throughout the duration of the process.

  • Provide guidance in cost efficiency when obtaining services from the financial industry.
  • The buying and selling of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
  • Roll-over, set-up and transfer of Retirement/Pension Plans
  • Acquiring, then executing the investment in private Trust Deeds
  • Assist in the sale of real estate to provide additional liquid resources to meet the high cost of Elder Care
  • Transfer of risk through the use of insurance products: Long Term Care Insurance, annuities, life, health
  • Assist in the process of obtaining real estate financing (Reverse Mortgages, Equity Lines, Forward Financing)
  • Negotiation consultancy to maximize returns on Real Estate, business and financial transactions
  • Referral to additional resources/professionals/experts when and if needed.