Suzanne Wolfson

Registered Investment Advisor
CA - Real Estate Broker


Marin County


San Francisco

over 30 years

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Fee based

The Financial Planner is predominantly compensated directly by client fees [**] in order to avoid "conflict of interests”.  FOR RETIRED ONLY™ is truly aligned with their clients’ best interests. This approach to Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services provides more transparency (no hidden deceptive costs, fine print or surprises) ensuring clarity of the true costs for financial services and products.

The reason for this approach is to maximize returns and economic benefits for that which is invested. The Financial Planner receives no third party compensation for recommendations of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, annuities, or life insurance. FOR RETIRED ONLY™ chooses to recommend NO-LOADS to provide cost efficiency for clients. For the purchase/sale of securities, we recommend our clients use discount broker who may charge a transaction fee, or whenever possible, deal directly with the investment company/vendor to provide cost savings. 

The fee structure is determined by an agreement between the Financial Planner and client at the initial meeting.  This is based on the client needs or services requested. Negotiated at the initial meeting, FOR RETIRED ONLY™ charges either: (1) hourly, (2) on a flat fee basis, (3) on a % of assets, (4) a combinations of fees depending on the complexity of the situation.  

We have provided on this website, under “Disclosures,” the following documents:

  • Fee Schedule
  • Initial Financial Planning Agreement
  • Financial Planning Agreement
  • Investment Advisory Agreement

* [Advisor discloses if there is third party compensation]
** [Real Estate sales and referral fees, private RE Trust Deeds, LTC insurance and Reverse Mortgages, because quality products are not available on non-commission basis]

What Does Independence Mean to You?

FOR RETIRED ONLY® has no limiting affiliations that could ostensibly impact recommendations of financial products and/or services. We are free to research, choose and suggest financial products, which we feel, will ultimately benefit the client.  FOR RETIRED ONLY™ independent status gives us the freedom to make analytical, impartial and balanced choices without the conflict of interest or limited representation being imposed.