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My Epiphany

The Beginning of FOR RETIRED ONLY™
Financial Planning since 1984 1977

In late 1999, after attending a continuing education seminar on Medicaid Planning, I had a long conversation with a prior, older associate who also was in attendance. I discussed my frustration concerning the unrealistic client expectations of 25-35% returns per year that some clients were asking for at that time. I felt that the stock market was stretched far beyond its historical norms. I refused to give up basic investment portfolio management rules such as diversification. I noted that my older clients had more realistic expectations due to their prior experiences and need for financial security. I recollect saying, “May be I should just work with pre-retirees and the retired only.

Realization – it was Time to Specialize!

So, in early 2000, I began to strictly limit new clients to being within 10 years of retirement or retired (minimum age 50).  Although I had dealt with many retirement related financial issues over a period of 16 years; I felt the need to further my education in this field of specialization in the following areas:

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Health Care
  • Long Term Care Options
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Elder Care Financial Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • All other financial issues of the retired

The need to provide realistic pre-retirement planning became very clear to me as I saw a lack of preparation of many individuals. This impacted many decisions and choices concerning their total retirement. I had to proactively address this pre-retirement phase by assisting client’s in making wise financial transitional decisions. Frequently in denial, many clients were unprepared for future uncertainties. Because of this, I wanted clients to look at and understand the financial parameters of different phases of retirement.

  • Active Phase – Chase the Dream – time to do what you want
  • Slowing Down Phase Moderated individual lifestyle
  • Limited Phase – Chronic illnesses and Incapacities

The more I educated myself and experienced had additional experience in the retirement arena, I began to see the tragic abuses of our senior population – investment fraud and scams that sadly damaged aging adults. There is pervasive inappropriate lack of disclosure, deception, misinformation, and lack of honesty. This financial exploitation made me angry.

Additionally, I have seen on too many occasions where friends and family members take advantage of their relative’s financial resources, at the cost of their elder care needs.

This has become my passionate advocacy to protect, make aware, and change situation for our aging adults. This is where my “Mission” has further developed. I have finally found my place in this profession and I know that I can make a significant impact in the lives of others.

Both of my parents, well into their 80’s, experienced significant aging and health issues. My father spent the later 10years of his life in several elder care facilities. Their health, financial and legal issue have personally enabled me to become more aware, helpful and communicative with my clients who also are facing similar challenges.

To further influence my passion, I was faced with several life changing and altering events. In 2003, I had a devastating fir that destroyed my home and office. Everything was gone! Within six weeks after the fire, I was facing a serious life threatening health issue as well. Again, another reminder that life is full of uncertainties and that the unexpected can erupt at any time. Now, I found myself listening to my own rules and the advice that I had given to clients. I remind myself of these rules on a daily basis:

  • The past cannot be changed,…LET GO… Move forward!
  • Find a positive perspective despite life’s challenges.
  • Productive change can come from difficult times.
  • Realize who and what truly matter the most in life.

These personal challenges have reaffirmed my belief in the application of these rules. My rebuilding of my life has opened new doors, while closing others. Because of my losses, I was forced to go in a different direction therefore;

I endeavor to commit myself entirely to FOR RETIRED ONLY™!