Investment advice

Ms. Wolfson, a California Registered Investment Advisor, provides information to clients on specific securities: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETF’s, and other securitized products; Insurance Products (Long Term Care, Annuities, Life & Health), and directs a variety Real Estate investment & financing options. She helps identify the best investment alternatives, strategies and solutions to implementthe Financial Plan. Each investment plan is tailored to the unique client’s financial resources, needs and goals. Specific recommendations are only made after an analytical evaluation of the investments and their application to each client’s parameters.

Ms. Wolfson’s 30 years of experience with a broad spectrum of investments and knowledge guides her professional judgment. Being that markets, law and circumstances are always changing; on-going reading, research and participation in professional educational programs facilitates, the advisor’s ability to offer the best strategies and opportunities to suit the client’s customized portfolios. The retired or soon-to-be-retired clients appreciate her unique combined expertise, wisdom and desire to specialize as she has become more conservative over the years. She assists her clients with the management of their own portfolio. The relationship is based on every effort to maximize performance with reduced costs where possible. Monitoring the portfolio regularly enables the Investment Advisor to help the client modify investment choice and implementation, as needed, due to changes in markets or the individual’s situation. She encourages continuous contact and feedback so as to facilitate the appropriate design and implementation strategy for the clients need.

Important Factors in choosing Investments

  • Incorporating the individual Financial Plan’s objectives
  • Matching the Specific Investments and Portfolio with the client experience, knowledge and suitability
  • Preservation of Principle – Safety first
  • Balancing Portfolio Risk
  • Asset Allocation or Re-balancing
  • Risk Tolerance (comfort zone)
  • Maximizing Net Returns for client (what you end up with). Being cognizant of reducing expense, inflation, taxes and what is required to meet realistic financial & life goals