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over 30 years

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Suzanne Wolfson MBA, CFP®


1976 BA Education, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
1985 MBA Finance, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA 
1987 CFP, Certified Financial Planner™


2000 - present Financial Planner For Retirement
1989 - present Registered Investment Adviser – California
1987 - present Real Estate Broker – California
1984 - present Insurance License CA – Long Term Care, Life, Health, Disability
1984 - present Financial Planner – broad client base
1977 - present Real Estate Sales and Financing (residential and commercial)
1984 - 1997 NASD Registered Representative - Series & & 63
1984 - 1989 Associated - Registered Investment Advisor


Suzanne Wolfson MBA, CFP® has over 30 years experience assisting clients in making crucial financial decisions. 

Her “Help you to help yourself” philosophy as a fee-based financial planner, provides guidance, direction and solutions for financial issues of all phases of retirement, enabling clients to make informed decisions.

As an Investment Adviser, her objectives and legal fiduciary responsibility is for her clients’ best interests and wishes. Through the financial planning process, she helps clients identify needs and specific financial issues of importance during the retirement life-cycle phases.

As an Independent Adviser, Ms. Wolfson is committed to providing the highest degree of integrity, unbiased advice, and educational guidance to help her clients achieve their life objectives. She is able to choose and offer access to a full array of related financial services as well as making every effort to ensure her recommendations are cost-efficient and appropriate to the unique individual situation.

Ms. Wolfson is a strong advocate for the elderly, guiding her clients’ financial resources to facilitate their care as needed.

Unlike most financial planners, Ms. Wolfson also has a broad base of knowledge in Real Estate (Broker) sharing and incorporating this experience into the overall “Total Life and Financial Plan” for individuals.

Ms. Wolfson helps prepare clients for unexpected risks, making financial adjustments whether chosen or required, & facilitating retirement objectives.

Call her with a question or for an introductory meeting. It will be well worth your time!